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New Technology Dark Infrared


ISP panel Heaters are produced to serve the user as the last point of Infrared technology, which is a heating system accepted in Europe, recommended by doctors from Asthma, Bronchitis and Allergic patients to elderly people suffering from bone disorders.

In addition to the many benefits of Infrared in terms of health, it offers this product, which has been registered with the success it has achieved in European countries, where the panels prepared with the innovation of Kuas Teknoloji provide savings above the world standards, to the users in Turkey. ISP Panels It is the healthiest heating system recommended in buildings with good insulation, Hospitals, Hotels and especially in public living areas where dust is high.



Hybridboard Heaters offer two technologies together. These heaters, made by Kuas Technology as a first in the world; By presenting Convection Technology and Dark infrared principle together, it provides economical, healthy and efficient heating. Our heaters, which break new ground in economical, healthy and safe heating with this hybrid technology, are exported to various countries of the world, especially to Europe.



In line with the decisions they have taken, many European Union countries have introduced partial bans and restrictions in certain areas on Natural Gas, Fueloil and solid fuel heating systems in order to reduce foreign dependency in energy and reduce carbon emissions.



As Kuas, we are proud and happy to present our heaters to the Turkish market after becoming the European Leader in the sector in our journey that we started in 2011. Kuas, which adopts the principle of producing the best benefit and clean energy-fed heating systems for its consumers in the field of Renewable Energy and offering savings and healthy heating as a benefit, keeps its reliability and standards above European norms.